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    Integration of cosec x cot x

    The integration of cosec x is log cosec x - cot x C or &92;(log tan x&92;over 2&92;) C. . I csc 3 x d x - - - (i) First we break csc 3 x into csc. In this video we will derive the formula of integral of cosec x cot.

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    Below are the Integration basic formulas for your reference x n.
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    Proof. Finally, we are able to complete our integration problem. . The graph of ycosec x 1sinx has been shown above.

    The cosecant and cotangent functions are written in terms of x as csc x or cosec x and cot x respectively. Sep 28, 2015 See the explanation below. dx logx C e x.

    . Then (-cosec x cot x cosec2x.


    x d x csc. (with substitution u cot(x) (With experience and practice, this reasoning takes place very fast and we know this will work. .

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    . . Jun 8, 2017 Integration of 0 (M 1) M 1 1 csc 2 (x) d x, where is a constant.

    &92;) Step 2 Divide numerator and denominator by &92; (&92;cos kx,&92;) where &92; (k &92;left (m n &92;right)&92;) Step 3 Substitute &92; (&92;tan x t&92;) and use the standard formulae Evaluation of Integrals by Using the Trigonometric Substitutions. sec x 1.

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    &183; 2. Jun 8, 2017 Integration of 0 (M 1) M 1 1 csc 2 (x) d x, where is a constant. arcsin x dx x arcsin x . .

    where C is the integration constant. . .

    . Answer.

    Here are a few important properties related to inverse trigonometric functions Property Set 1 Sin 1 (x) cosec 1 (1x), x 1,10; Cos 1 (x) sec 1 (1x), x 1,10; Tan 1 (x) cot 1 (1x), if x > 0 (or) cot 1 (1x) , if x < 0.

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